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【🐼大熊貓盈盈和樂樂的好消息💕】經過多年嘅愛情長跑,盈盈同樂樂今日終於成功自然交配喇!今次係佢哋小倆口自9年前(2011年起)開始嘗試自然交配以來首次成功,公園嘅獸醫同護理團隊會繼續密切觀察佢哋嘅身體狀況同行為變化,希望會有熊貓「添丁」嘅好消息!大家留低❤️emoji,一齊祝福盈盈同樂樂可以早日迎接新家庭成員喇! . . [🐼Good News from Giant Panda Ying Ying & Le Le💕] Ying Ying and her long-standing sweetheart Le Le succeeded in natural mating today! This is the first success since the cute couple began attempts at natural mating 9 years ago (from 2011). The Park’s veterinary and animal care teams have been closely monitoring the giant pandas’ body conditions and behavioural changes, hoping to bring wonderful pregnancy news to you all. Let’s leave a ❤️ emoji in the comment section to send your blessing to our lovable Ying Ying and Le Le! #hkoceanpark #OPLovelyAnimals #panda #海洋公園 #熊貓

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