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This is me, captured by my dear @matchamornings_ during a beautiful and nourishing afternoon among women. This is the smile I smile, when my dream of community and the support of others comes true. When women respect and love and hold each other, no matter how long they’ve been knowing each other. This is also the smile I smile when everything seems to fall into place, when I am carried and realize I have the truest and strongest friends in my life like @la_guri_meliha who not only share a lifetime with me (lucky me) but also the same vision for it. This is the smile I smile when you, my dear followers, my little digital community believe in those visions and dreams just as I do. You showed me within those last weeks with my book @milk.and.mother. We came so far thanks to all of your support! Four days left and we nearly accomplished the second funding goal. My heart is full. Change is already happening. Thank you all! Make-up by the one and only @sabine_reiter not in the picture but also in my energy field @magdalena_meergraf @lydiabredl @pia.fromm... Missing @martinatrepczyk who was with us in our hearts. #blessed #lovewhatyoudo #holistichealth #doula #doulawork #doulavienna #love #shooting #portrait

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